Building Your Own Home: From Design to Moving In

Once you get clear about your needs and wants, and you discuss your project with your architect and buy land for your future home, the home design and approval process will start.

When thinking about building a home, most people don’t realize that no matter the country you live in, there will be a lot of regulations, requirements and restrictions from the government that you will have to deal with. You will need to get a number of permits and approvals. This is why you want to deal with a reputable architect and construction company.

You want someone who can not only design your home and be able to build it, but who can actually guide you through getting all the necessary permits and approvals in the process. The last thing you want to happen is you run into problems getting the permits after you have gone to the expense of hiring an architect to create expensive plans and designs.

The fastest time span for this part of a home-building process is probably around three to four months. Projects that require extensive inspections or get stuck can take up to several years to go successfully through this stage.

Once you get all the permits and approvals, you can start the construction of your future home. Small homes also known as kit houses can be built as quickly as in six months to a year. Large homes with a lot of details can take up to several years.

The final element of your home-building process is landscaping and moving in. An architect usually designs a home. An interior designer helps you with inside spaces. A construction company builds a home. You may then need to hire a landscape contractor to work on the area around your new home. Depending on what you want to be done, expect to spend around three to six months at this stage of the project.

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